“The Terraces”, LINDA Premium Residence, Prishtina, 2016 – 2024

“The Terraces”, LINDA Premium Residence, Prishtina, 2016 – 2024

Project details

Program: Residential | MIX Use | Urban Planning

Status: In Progress

Project year: 2016 – 2023

Size: 117000 m2

Location: Prishtina e Re, Zona Perëndim, Kosovë

Client: AlTrade CENTER Sh.P.K.

Team: ASH|A

Collaborators: ASH|A & Partners

Project Description

“In the words of renowned architect Rem Koolhaas, ‘Every architect carries the Utopian gene.’

This sentiment is vividly exemplified in the Linda Premium Residential complex, situated in the picturesque Western Area of Pristina. Offering a stunning view of the city, the complex comprises 11 residential buildings housing approximately 460 units of varying sizes. It is anticipated that around 2500 to 3000 residents will call this innovative complex home, providing them with the amenities necessary for a contemporary lifestyle.

The distinctive topography of the region and the breathtaking cityscape have been pivotal in shaping the conceptual framework of the Linda Premium Residential complex. The terraced design, which defines the complex’s current form, draws inspiration from the terrain and the desire to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Evoking echoes of traditional architecture, the connecting bridges between the buildings not only serve a functional purpose by linking living spaces and green rooftops, but they also serve as a reflection of our architectural and artistic vision. Conceptually, these bridges pay homage to the iconic gates of Albanian Architecture, a motif deeply rooted in our heritage.

Our intention as architects was to blend traditional architectural elements with a contemporary language. The very terrain that influenced the design, along with the panoramic city view, prompted us to create a residential complex that would set an exemplary standard. Thus, the “LINDA Premium Residence” stands as a testament to the creative genesis of ideas and designs aimed at bestowing a distinctive urban and architectural identity upon the area. Simultaneously, this project aspires to enhance the quality of life and the sustainability of the structures, all while seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings, the local context, and the unique architectural character of Pristina.

To echo yet another timeless adage: “Without a good Client, there is no good Architecture.” Indeed, the partnership between architect and client is the cornerstone upon which exceptional design is built.