We All have an IDEA !!

A creative design thinking action in order to challenge positive changes for local and social impact through architecture and design.

Architecture 4 All.

Architecture 4 Community.

Having the experience and gaining the knowledge in the years between 1999-2009, while working with the international GO’s and NGO’s in reconstructing the post war Kosovo closely with the local communities and mainly with the funds donated by EU countries, soon ASH|A will start a series of creative design action by implementing in the form of studies and research accompanied with proposal for solving different problems addressing the community needs but also in the form of lectures by ASH|A and local architects, talking and addressing variety of problems concerning the city and community needs while trying to find and offer the solution which could be than implemented through donations, grants or with the help of local authorities and central government.

“Community integration through the art of Architecture”

What shall we do together ?!


Do you have an IDEA !!

Show us you IDEA and lets explore it together. We would be delighted to share our expertise with you and help the community in need.

Its been quite a long time since we did not think tank. Let’s start…