CARPET Showroom, Pristina, 2023

CARPET Showroom, Pristina, 2023

Project details

Program: Commercial

Status: In Progress

Project year: 2021 – 2023

Size: 5607 m2

Location: Cagllavica, Prishtina


Project Team: ASH|

Collaborators: ASH|A & Partners

Project Descriptiom

Nestled at the crossroads of innovation and elegance, the Carpet Showroom stands as a modern architectural marvel, a testament to the harmony between design philosophy and the aspirations of a visionary business. Home to “Carpet,” a renowned name in carpets and floor products in Kosovo, this building redefines the realm of retail and wholesale through its blend of contemporary architecture and functional brilliance.

Client-Centric Collaboration

From the inception of this ambitious project, a symphony of collaboration resonated between the Carpet team and our architectural visionaries. The Client’s unwavering dedication to their architecture philosophy, deeply rooted in contemporary design, guided every step of our journey. This shared commitment laid the foundation for an exceptional endeavor that echoes the essence of sophistication and innovation.

Conceptual Diversity

Our creative journey embarked on a quest for perfection, birthing over seven distinct building concepts. This diversity of thought encapsulated the brand’s essence and its aspirations, leading us to sculpt a design that seamlessly intertwines aesthetics and utility. In the face of challenges, an audacious request emerged – to accommodate a truck and trailer exceeding 13 meters within the basement. In response, our architects conjured a solution that defied conventional limitations, crafting an entrance that celebrates ingenuity and redefines spatial possibilities.

Functional Symphony

As one journeys through the building’s layers, a symphony of functionality and elegance unfolds. The basement houses a showroom depot, a main kitchen adjoined by a dining enclave, essential technical spaces, and a captivating retail sphere. Transitioning to the first floor, a grand reception area welcomes visitors, flanked by administration offices and an alluring showroom retail space.

Ascending to the second floor, the retail narrative continues, weaving the magic of architecture with the allure of carpets. The third floor presents a crescendo of opulence – a modern conference room offering cutting-edge facilities, followed by a lavish three-bedroom apartment, epitomizing contemporary living. The journey culminates in a sprawling 900m² open terrace, an expanse of possibility and serenity.

Façade: Aesthetic Dichotomy

The façade of the building is a captivating story etched in stone and stucco. A commanding front ventilated façade, adorned with monumental stone textures, emanates timeless allure. A harmonious dichotomy emerges as the white stucco façade interplays with this grandeur, forming an enchanting facade that beckons admiration from every vantage point.

The Carpet Showroom and Wholesale Building transcends the ordinary, redefining contemporary architecture as a canvas of innovation. It honors the heritage of the Carpet brand while setting forth an exciting path for the future. This fusion of design excellence and pragmatic functionality stands tall as an emblem of shared vision, a sanctuary of opulent experiences, and a symbol of architectural prowess.

Services delivered:

  • Masterplan
  • Conceptual Design
  • Draft Design
  • Main project design and construction documents
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape design
  • Construction monitoring