Fetahu Residences, Pristina, 2023

Fetahu Residences, Pristina, 2023

Project details

Program: Residential

Status: In progress

Project year: 2023

Size: 1100 m2

Location: Prizren

Client: Fetahu Family

Project Team: ASH|A

Collaborators: ASH|A & Partners

Project Description

Fetahu Residences

The Versatile Urban Residence with Shop mirroring into two similar houses, is an innovative architectural project that combines residential living with commercial functionality. The design transforms a traditional single-family home into a three-story structure, with the ground floor serving as a small shop and the upper two floors dedicated to comfortable living spaces. The highlight of the upper floor is a unique covered terrace that divides the space in half and mimics the roof’s wooden beams, creating an intriguing architectural feature.

The concept behind this project is to integrate urban living with a small commercial space while maintaining a strong sense of privacy and comfort. The design seeks to maximize the use of available space while creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment for both living and business activities.

The Fetahu Residences project showcases a creative and adaptable approach to urban living. By combining a small shop on the ground floor with comfortable living spaces on the upper floors, this design concept caters to the demands of modern lifestyles while maintaining the integrity of both commercial and residential functions. The covered terrace with wooden beams adds a distinctive architectural element that enhances the overall appeal of the residence.