BAU Market, Fushe Kosove, 2010

BAU Market, Fushe Kosove, 2010

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Project details

Program: Commercial | Retail

Status: Conceptual

Project year: 2010

Location: Fushe Kosove

Client: Altrade

Project Team: ASH|A

Collaborators: ASH|A & Partners

Project Descriptiom

BAU Market, Fushe Kosove was a comprehensive conceptual architecture program aimed to fulfill the project’s purpose and goals. This program seeks to explore the primary objectives of the program, such as design & architecture, interior, construction and urban planning, catering to fulfill the needs of the client and its end users.

The scope of this architecture program encompasses site analysis, conceptual design, construction documents, sustainability assessment, etc. The program will span over two years’ duration.

The PROJECT architecture program is an ambitious undertaking that aims to program’s main goals and significance. Through meticulous design, strategic planning, and effective collaboration, we intend to deliver a transformative architectural solution that meets the needs of the client, community and creates a lasting impact.

Expected Services [to be] delivered:

  • Masterplan
  • Conceptual Design
  • Draft Design
  • Main project design and construction documents
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape design
  • Construction monitoring