How to Find Developers for Startup in 8 Easy Steps

How to Find Developers for Startup in 8 Easy Steps

find developers for startup

Whether you work with a local or remote agency, you want to consider one as a business partner, one that will help you build a big piece, if not entire software you are looking to create. Agencies manage multiple people—from project managers to developers to sales and more—and that raises the overall price of their investment. A committed developer is one who sees a clear path of growth and development within the company. Startups that offer continuous learning opportunities, such as workshops, certifications, and attendance to industry conferences, demonstrate an investment in their developer’s professional future.

Hire Developers with the help of your network

This means that a committed team is working as startup developers and is entirely responsible for its completion. This approach has the benefit of team members knowing each other and having extensive experience working collectively. However, since they are external collaborators, you need to work closely with them to check progress. Before you search for developers either by yourself or by a software development company, first, you need to understand your project requirements. You have to understand every phase of your project to check the developer on that basis. Remote hiring offers access to a global talent pool, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The Ongoing Journey of Startup Development and Growth

find developers for startup

Attend local events for startups, and business events in your industry. Friend technology leaders in your industry on LinkedIn and social media. If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you’ve most likely got a low-tech project on your hands.

Step 3 – Choose the Right Country for Hiring

  1. Focus on how to find a programmer for your startup that matches best all four criteria.
  2. Clutch’s main opponent, Goodfirms, provides rankings based on reviews from a company’s former and current clients, the company’s portfolio, and its tech focus.
  3. While hiring, startup founders have different employment models to explore.
  4. However, while a small team is easier to handle, proper work allocation becomes quite a task.
  5. Conducting technical tests is a good option for startups with specific technical requirements who need to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills accurately.

You can repeat the process in Facebook and Twitter by asking publicly for people who are software developers and are interested in working on a project. A tweet at your social network may not seem like a great hiring strategy, but it worked for Uber. Finding a business partner for your startup is a critical task that can significantly influence your company’s trajectory. The ideal candidate not only complements your skillset but also shares your entrepreneurial zeal and commitment to the startup’s mission. Professional networking events, startup incubators, and business forums are ripe with opportunities to connect with potential partners. Engaging in these communities with a clear vision of your startup’s culture and goals will increase the likelihood of finding a partner who passionately aligns with your business ethos.

Evgeniia, a creative content marketing specialist, is involved in researching, writing, and distributing content to keep audiences engaged and drive our brand message forward. To get the desired result you need to define and manage all the rights, duties, and scope of responsibilities by signing a contract. It’s important to set software requirement specifications for clear understanding and transparent cooperation between the parties. We advise signing a statement of work and a non-disclosure agreement to protect your rights and interests. To choose the best fit it’ll be useful to check top-ranking outsourcing destinations. This analysis allows you to choose the best fit with your geo and cultural affinity.

Faster time to market

find developers for startup

Once you get a shortlist of potential candidates, you can then move forward to checking applicant resumes and prioritizing potential candidates using Dice’s match score relevance functionality. Guru is another freelance job board where you can find good developers from around the world. They pride themselves on their services as secure, flexible, and cost-effective. You can then create a shortlist by searching for the candidates’ work history, looking at their profiles, and checking out reviews from previous projects and clients.

In the USA, there is no federal requirement for paid vacation days. Task us with analyzing your skill gaps and recruiting top tech candidates worldwide. Having business experience would also make a significant difference. Someone with no business background is more apt to subvert the team in any way. If you’re looking for the best developers and are trying to develop your existing team, contact Revelo and let them handle the work for you. For instance, there are certain behaviors that reflect their passion for work, such as coming to the interview on time or asking questions during their assessment.

Sometimes you need a developer with a more specific mix of skills to fit your project needs. To ensure a smooth onboarding process, start by introducing them to your company’s culture, values, and mission. Provide a clear understanding of your product or service, target audience, and competitors. How to hire a developer for a startup to keep them on the team longer? The cost of onboarding a new employee should be an investment in the team retention.

find developers for startup

Regarding hiring developers, GitHub serves as a valuable platform for startups. It allows startups to showcase their codebase, projects, and open-source contributions, providing developers with insights into the company’s technical expertise and culture. Startups often grapple with the challenge of hiring a developer for their projects. Here’s where Purrweb steps in, offering a vast talent pool of proficient developers. We also pay attention to your niche and do our best to find specialists who’re familiar with it.

With experience, their skills polish, and someone with a high skill level becomes a pro developer of the company. While searching for a developer, if you trust an inexperienced software company, it will result in a significant loss. They will provide you a developer who may only have fundamental development knowledge. However, it also carries different challenges every new startup has to tackle. This article is worth reading as it will provide you with everything you need to know if you have decided to hire professionals for your startup.

You will have a two-week free trial to check whether the platform suits you or not. The main downsides of using the platform are, firstly, that you pay 23 % of the rate you pay the programmer for the service and secondly, it’s not possible to hire a dedicated team. You need to gather the team by searching for each developer separately by their profiles.

This necessitates a team of skilled developers who can work efficiently to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), especially when demonstrating progress to potential investors. For successful software writing, a startup should have at least 4-5 members with an extra developer to speed up the process. This extra developer can help the team quickly develop the software and get it to market faster. They can also provide technical support and advice to the other members of the team.

GitHub is the biggest developer online community to date, being used by 73+ million developers and 4+ million organizations. To understand no-code even better, you can check out our no-code vs custom development article. The key is to keep it simple enough so that your founding team could concentrate on the non-tech core of your business.

You can turn to special IT agencies, local or online tech conferences, or the web development category on It is essential to decide what is necessary for your startup – to hire a developer or a whole team. Your choice will vary depending on your project’s scale and requirements. Let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of each decision.

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